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Free UK Mainland Shipping on all orders! Call us on 020 8133 9524. Email
Free UK Mainland Shipping on all orders! Call us on 020 8133 9524. Email

Mont Alpi

About Mont Alpi

Mont Alpi was founded out of a genuine passion for grilling. Thirty years ago they identified a need for high quality but affordable outdoor kitchens and Mont Alpi was born. Mont Alpi are a family owned and run business with a hard earned reputation amongst the grilling community. 

Mont Alpi grills are highly customisable to your space and needs. their are several options from a basic entry level outdoor kitchen to outdoor fridges and Kegerators included too. The kitchens come in at an entry to mid-level market price, but the look and quality of what they produce will astound guests and make them believe you are a real pro.

The grill becomes the true centrepiece of an outdoor area. It starts with the high quality burners on the grill and continues through the Beautiful look and performance of the granite kitchen tops.

Mont Alpi FAQ's

Do Mont Alpi Grills require assembly?

Mont Alpi outdoor kitchens are modular and designed for minimal assembly. Most of the heavy lifting has been done for you before your product arrives.

Each module arrives fully assembled. You'll need to unpack your boxes, then simply connect your modules to one another.

After that, you need to connect your fuel and plug the island into a standard 120V outlet. That's it!

Do Mont Alpi Grills work on Propane or Natural Gas?

All Mont Alpi Grills and BBQ Islands are shipped as propane gas grills. If you are a UK based customer and wish to use natural gas you don't need to buy a conversion kit. There is a simple video showing how to convert the grill to Natural Gas here

Can you mix and match Mont Alpi the different Units?

Yes, though there are some key limitations. 

The Side burner cabinet module is designed to be a left sided piece.  If you order the stainless steel Deluxe island, that would mean you have cascading granite going down the left side of the side burner cabinet.  It just looks a little off when placed on the right side of the grill.

Since the regular (non-deluxe) edition of the stainless steel 805 BBQ Island doesn't have cascading granite, it's possible to place the side burner on the right hand side.  The same goes for the black stainless steel 805 Island.  Please note, you may need to purchase a longer gas hose to accommodate this setup.

Can I put a Beverage Centre Module on the End of my Island?

Yes, you can have your BBQ Island end with a beverage centre module on the right side.  However, there are a couple of points to bear in mind with this:

First, the right end of the beverage centre module does not have to cascade faux granite like the regular right-end cabinet module.  Aesthetically it doesn't make a huge difference on the black stainless steel islands - but it can look asymmetrical on the regular stainless steel islands.

Second, we cannot remove the right end piece from your shipment.  Due to the way the islands are packaged, it is not feasible to remove the right-end cabinet module before shipping.  So if you don't plan to use the right end cabinet, you will need to hold on to it or dispose of it yourself.

How do the back of the Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchens look?

Photographed below are two photos of the backside of standard Mont Alpi 805 BBQ islands in both stainless steel and black stainless steel colours.

If you look closely you might notice how the modules connect to one another via panels that are screwed into the back edges of each module.

Where are Mont Alpi Grills designed and manufactured?

Mont Alpi is located in Lake Forest, CA in the USA. The grills are manufactured in China.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Mont Alpi please do not hesitate to contact us. We are an authorised dealer of Mont Alpi and can assist with any enquiry.

Do Mont Alpi Grills and Outdoor Kitchens come with a warranty?

Mont Alpi stand behind the quality of their products with a limited lifetime warranty, which can be downloaded here.